Thursday, April 10, 2014

Phillips, "A Pocket Book of Forms"

A Pocket Book of Forms, available in a variety of colors, 
with or without a slipcase. Pink. Brown. Blue. Orange. 
Gold leaf! And made at the wonderful Penland School...
I just ordered one--why not you?   --Marly
A Pocket Book of Forms

A Pocket Book of Forms is a letterpress-printed, travel-sized guide to poetic forms, a reference to be used on the train, on adventures, or when a small book is all that's needed. It covers some usual suspects—sonnets, pantoums, ghazals, blues—as well as an assortment of French repeating forms, among others.

The book was printed by the author at Penland School of Crafts. The text is set in Bembo and Twentieth Century, with hand-drawn headings, and printed on Legion Bamboo paper, with covers in Canson Mi-Teintes. The standard edition offers three cover options: pink, brown, or blue. The fancy edition has orange covers, hot-pink title text overlaid with faux gold leaf, and hot-pink lokta endpapers. It includes a bookcloth slipcover for safekeeping. Both editions are pamphlet stitched, with rounded corners.

“This book is the best reason to go out and buy anything with pockets—especially if you are a poet. Elegantly designed and printed, it is a portable prompt and expander of your repertoire of poetic forms.”

—Thomas Cable, author of A History of the English Language

About the author:

Anna Lena Phillips is a poet, teacher, editor, and maker. Her other projects include the endearments, a group of anagrammatic poems, and Forces of Attention, a series of letterpressed objects designed to help people mediate their interactions with screened devices.

A Pocket Book of Forms is available for preorder through April 15, 2014, at Indiegogo—

—and thereafter at its permanent home:


  1. Now I'll have something useful to keep in my pockets!

    1. If at some future point, my nephew will be requried to carry this book to the mouth of a volcano, I will want my money back!

    2. Perhaps he will only have to carry it to a sweet, flowery meadow! With a few stray spiders...

      Very pleased that a few writers ordered a copy today! Thank you.